Facilities Available:

  • Clinical Dermatology - Treatment and advice for all skin, hair and nail problems like
  • Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Pimples, Melasma, Keloids, Skin Allergy, Hair Fall, Excess Hair.
  • Leprosy and Venereology - Treatment and advice for sexually transmitted disease and Leprosy.
  • Dermatosurgery- Acne surgeries, Nail surgeries, Skin biopsy, Nerve biopsy, Vitiligo Surgeries, Keloid excision, Cyst excision etc.
  • Radio Surgery - Treatment of warts, Milia, Skin tags etc by Radiofrequency Machine.
  • Chemical peeling- Glycolic acid peels, salicylic acid peels etc. for treatment of acne, skin pigmentation etc.
  • Derma Roller – For treatment of Acne scars, Hair fall, Striae etc.
  • Autologous Serum Therapy (AST) – For treatment of Chronic treatment resistant immunological urticaria.


  • Doctor trained at best medical institute of India i. e. AIIMS, New Delhi.
  • Highest standard of care with ethical values.
  • Genuine advice and treatment.


Dr. Mahendra Sonune

Name : Dr. Mahendra Sonune

Date of Birth:

Speciality : Dermatologist & Dermatosurgeron

Qualification: MBBS, MD.

Career Milestones :