Services :

  • Radiotherapy of all malignancies.
  • Curative management of cancer.
  • Palliative management of cancer
  • Pain management in cancer.
  • Screening and early detection of cancer.
  • Chemotherapy of all maligancies


  • 3-Dimentional conformal Radiotherapy with Linear Accelerator.
  • CT Scan based Radiotherapy planning.
  • Electron Therapy
  • Radiotherapy for breast conservation in cancers of breast
  • High dose rate branch therapy
Dr. Rajesh Saoji

Name : Dr. Rajesh Saoji
Date of Birth : July 29, 1973
Speciality : Cancer Surgeon
Qualification : M.S., D.N.B. (General Surgery),MNAMS
Career Milestones :
Working at Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital since 2003.
Attended many Conferences & Seminars on Oncology all over India Presented & Published many papers on various specialized subjects in Oncology. 10 International publication.Conducted regular camps for cancer detection and awareness in almost all districts of Marathwada and adjoining districts

Dr. Shravan Tungenwar

Name : Dr. Shravan Tungenwar
Date of Birth :
Speciality : Radiation Oncology
Qualification : MBBS,MD, DNB
Career Milestones :
Joined Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital in May 2007 as Consultant Radiation Oncologist.
Worked at Grant Medical College & Sir J.J. Group of hospitals, Mumbai for 2 years as a Faculty. Worked at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi for 4years.
He has extensive experience of more than 10 years in planning and treatment of patients with external beam radiation including advanced techniques like – 3d-conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy. He also has experience in brachytherapy procedures like intracavitory and interstitial implantation.
He has worked with most of the state of art equipments like Simulator, Plato (Sunrise), 3d-treatment planning system, Oncentra anatomic Modelling system, Coherence contouring station and Linear Accelerators with MLC

Dr. Balaji Shewalkar

Name : Dr. Balaji Shewalkar
Date of Birth :
Speciality :
Qualification : MBBS, MD, DNB
Career Milestones :